June 8, 2023

Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

It was the first book that I read all the way through when I was a teenager and because of that experience, I realized that I could read. And that experience, ignited of love for reading despite having challenges with dyslexia.

The story taught me how to be brave on life’s journey and that life is filled with good and bad people. And it was OK to be frightened at times on life’s journey, but the important thing was to continue walking on the road.

Sunday Talk with Alexandra Mars (June 4, 2023)

This week I will be discussing, how I need to create a routine for my kitchen, and dyslexia burnout too. Here’s my link below.


Feb 11, 2023

An updated what is going on in my life.

Hello, I hope you are having a good week. I wanted to explain why I haven’t been posting lately. The truth is I’m having a difficult time writing articles for my blog because I can’t concentrate, which is related to anemia.

The good news is I am finally scheduled to receive my iron infusions. I have waited nearly two months. Once my iron levels return to normal, I’m hoping writing will become easy, and my energy will return too.

Have good day,


Jan 11, 2023 – New Changes

Exciting new changes are coming to my blog​!

Exciting new changes are coming to my blog!

Monday’s article themes will be disability awareness, advocating, health care, and other issues that fall within this category.

Wednesday’s articles will be about faith and inspirational stories.

Friday’s article themes will be focus on fun, book reviews, short stories, and other interesting topics.

This year I have added a new feature Podcast Shorts to my podcast platform. I’m planning on doing longer podcast episodes once my iron levels stabilize.

Jan 10, 2023 (podcast short)

Here’s my latest podcast short below. It is a short story this week.


Jan 10, 2023

I wrote something new in my writing called Microfiction, meaning a 100 – 300 words short story. Here’s my 99-word story.

I wrote something new in my writing called Microfiction, meaning a 100 – 300 words short story. Here’s my 99-word story.

If you prefer to listen here’s the link below:


“The Decision” by Alexandra Mars © 2023.

The black SUV sat there again. At random times throughout the day, the same vehicle always returned. The third time this week, parked across the street from my home, avoiding my security cameras. Why? Should I call the police and become the crazy neighborhood “Karen”?

Sweat dripped from my brow. I didn’t want attention on myself. I couldn’t risk blowing my cover as my fingers squeezed the grip of my pistol. Paranoia. Is a terrible omen. Remembering, underneath my bed, my go-bag and money were ready. Flight or fight flooded my mind.

Taking a deep breath, I would fight.

Jan 5, 2023

My goals for today.

Yesterday, I did some editing, and I worked on one of my writing projects. Today, I want to edit and rewrite my manuscript. My goal is to edit 500 – 1000 words.

Sunday Talk with Alexandra Mars (Oct 23, 2022)

Here’s my link below:


Please note that both of my segments come in two parts. I will be discussing why dyslexic students need to learn how to read. In my second segment, I will be sharing my story of how I learned to read.

My new bio

Here’s my link is you prefer to listen.


Alexandra Mars is an aspiring author who has completed a manuscript, and now is editing her science fiction novel. Also, she is working on two short stories, is outlining three more novels, and writes blog posts on different topics.

She is an advocate. Educating people about the challenges that disabled people encounter. Discussing her challenges that she faces in her daily life in her a podcast called Sunday Talk with Alexandra Mars. Where she talks more about dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, having dyslexia, and other health issues.

Alexandra is a cat lover and has one spoiled cat that keeps her on her toes. When she is not creating content for her blog and podcast or taking a break from her manuscript. She enjoys writing and composing music. And loves to create digital composites.