Sunday Talk with Alexandra Mars

I am starting a new series for my podcast; where I will sit down, talking about things that are going on in my life and other topics. In today’s podcast, I discussed my goals for May and what is happening in my life. I hope you will check it out.

April 18, 2021

Let’s look at what happened in Superman & Lois pilot episode by examining the spoilers.

There have been discussions on social media suggesting that the show is a remake, and I disagreed because the show is the continuation of Superman’s story. I do not believe that we have never seen Superman being married and raising a family before. I may be wrong about that, but I can’t recall anyone discussing Clark’s home life in the comic books. So that is a fresh adaptation of Superman’s story.

The first few minutes of the opening scene is Clark’s voice recapping his life events as the audience watched his memories. Once he arrived on earth and met his adoptive parents and other significant events that shaped his destiny to become the man he is when the second scene opens.

The next scene was Clark as Superman, saving the community from a nuclear plant explosion due to sabotage, and it was a wise choice, allowing the audience to see Superman in action. Foreshadowing revealed that something sinister is coming for Clark when he found the crack in the nuclear plant.

During that scene, Lois’ father, General Lane, was introduced,and during that conversation between the General and Clark; we learn Jordan struggles with his mental health issues, which was briefly discussed in the first opening minutes by Clark.

When Clark arrived home to his family, and that was a terrific scene. We experienced what life was like behind the closed doors for Kent’s family.

Lois is on the phone working on a story for the daily planet. She stopped what she’s doing and gives a recap of the day events for Clark. While Clark was saving the world, he missed a therapy session with Jordan, and he also found out good news about Jonathan making the football team as an incoming freshman.

The contrast between the twins of Jonathan and Jordan was superb. Clark went to each son’s bedroom, showing their personalities and what a spectacular scene with the children.

I watched the episode again to refresh my mind.

Here’s what I noticed when Clark walked into Jonathan’s bedroom, it was subtle; he had difficulties connecting to Jonathan. Even though Jonathan is relaxed and easy-going, Clark still had a difficult time in the conversation, making Clark feel awkward.

The scene with Jordan was terrific, and it showed the tension and distance between father and son, and Jordan’s dislike of Superman in the videogame shocks Clark to hear Jordan say that Superman was overrated.

Looking back at that moment, I’m wondering a bit of foreshadowing, hinting at something much bigger at play towards the season finale. Just a hunch that I have.

The struggle between father and son affecting Clark emotionally, unable to connect, due to the burden Clark has hidden his Superman identity from his children. Clark talked to his mother on the phone by his words and actions, desiring a deeper connection to his sons. He is scared that his Superman responsibilities are interfering with his family.

So Clark is an absentee father, not by his choice due to his Superman’s responsibilities, and his children are paying the price, forcing Lois to step in and covering for him in his absence.

With Clark being gone, so much of the time is creating tension in his marriage with Lois. Lois understands why he is gone, but she is watching the toll on their children from keeping his identity a secret from them. She wants to tell them. Clark is against it for a good reason, he is afraid that they might reveal his identity by mistake, and he does not want that burden on his sons’ shoulders.

They are both right. In the first scenes with them together as a couple, their conversation is about their children having powers and revealing Clark’s identity to them. What stood out to me about those scenes, that Lois and Clark were not screaming at each other. They were not calling each other names or swearing at each other; they were having an actual conversation with their emotions in check while expressing how they felt and their opinions about the situation. The most crucial thing is they listen to each other even though they disagree on what they need to do for their children.

One of the most powerful scenes in the premiere was the death of Martha Kent. How Clark responded to his mother’s sudden passing and almost revealed his identity to Martha’s doctor. It was a highly emotional, gut-wrenching, powerful scene, and it introduces the storyline for the rest of the season. I have no words to describe that scene. I was already crying myself because I understand the pain of losing a parent.

Out of nowhere, Martha had a stroke causing her death. I am not buying the explanation for it is too convenient that she suddenly dies. Martha was starting not feeling well when she talked to Clark on the phone, doing a bit of foreshadowing of what was about to happen.

It is strange Martha has a stroke and dies at the same time when a mysterious stranger arrives, and he starts harassing and taunting Superman, claiming he knows everything about him. At the end of the episode, revealing the stranger is Capt. Luther.

There is the loan from the bank supposedly that Martha took out a reverse mortgage on the farm to help a friend. Clark even makes the statement that Martha never told him about the loan. It sounds like Clark had a good understanding of his mother’s finances and activity at the farm. Lois discovered the bank was secretly bought before these reverse loans were available to customers. There is a lot of suspicious activity that happened right before Martha’s death in Smallville, and I believe that this will play out as the season continues.

April 16, 2021

Last week was a busy week. I hardly didn’t do any writing at all. Because I was taking care of household chores that I was behind on and getting my space ready for my new desk chair. I ordered it online, and they delivered it to my home early last week. Then I was waiting for my friend to put it together over the weekend.

The arrival of my new chair disrupted my schedule; my back was feeling better, and I worked on overdue chores and organized my space. That made me think about clutter and Attention Deficit Disorder.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder; it is difficult for me to get rid of unwanted items. It seems my mind isn’t wired to stay organized, but I can train my mind and learn to stick with a pattern of behavior.

I have developed a philosophy has helped me get rid of things I no longer need. Perhaps my philosophy can help people with ADD struggling with items they no longer need or want. It can overwhelm for someone like me with ADD to face those decisions about my belongings.

My first tip is my philosophy that I use; I tell myself by donating my unwanted item to charity to allow someone else the opportunity to have new items. I’m providing a need to others who want my things.

My second tip: I’ve discovered dealing with unwanted belongings I no longer need is already deciding ahead of time about a particular item.

For example, my old office chair, since buying a new chair, I no longer needed it. I had designated my old chair would be a donation. My friend asked me about it and said that he knew someone who could use it. I gave the chair to my friend. I had already decided earlier about the chair, and it was easy for me to let it go.

Deciding in advance about unwanted items provides me with less stress and anxiety, preventing me from being overwhelmed.

My third tip: when I clean and get my space in order, I listen to the experts to find a place for my belongings that I want to keep.

It provides my mind the ability to think about putting my items back once I’m finished using them, and it brings me peace by keeping my space clean and clutter-free.

My fourth tip: I allow myself enough time to complete my cleaning and be realistic about what I can get done in that amount of time.

That is my philosophy. If you have ADD and struggle with clutter, you’re not alone; for some of us, it is problematic to stay organized. By creating your philosophy and changing your behavior pattern, you can live an organized life and be clutter-free. If you quit your routine, just began where you left off.

Remember, never give up.