Why should you read?

photostudio_1474484018812Good day, my friend, I trust everything is well with you.

Since my opening blog, I’ve been contemplating why people should follow my blog before my release of my saga. Here’s what I came up with. An excellent time for you to get to know me, and to watch the creative process unfold in front of your eyes. As well, there are different aspects of writing I would like to discuss with you, and love to hear your thoughts too.

Electrifying things are happening in Science fiction, like the release of the new Star Wars movie coming to theaters in December! Yes, I’m a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, and other science fiction shows and movies yanked me into science fiction. That filled my mind of the possibilities of fantastic stories and powerful characters help me to discover the path to my stories.

Now, I read science fiction novels and short stories for joy and finding out what the latest trends are.

Just recently, I’ve returned to Fantasy, as a child, I loved stories about unicorns and noble quests. Heroes stood against evil to save their women or homeland from their enemies. How heroes would fight to conquer their fears to win the deadly battle against evil.

I consider reading any fiction is about bonding with the main character and cast of characters. Who desires to read boring characters? I know, I don’t. When I read a story, I long to be sucked into the author’s story world and his/her characters to be on a wonderful and a nail biting journey.

When you, my friend, read my story you’ll be transported into my world; where you’ll walk among with my characters experiencing the journey, I’m creating for them. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Until next time,
Happy Reading,


This is the post excerpt.

My name is Alexandra Mars. If you guessed it, I am an inspiring author pursuing my goal to become published. My friends, call me, Alex, and welcome to my blog. I write fantasy and science fiction because I find that genre fascinating to me, for there are so many paths a writer can take in his/her world.

I have been creating stories my whole life when I was a child, my Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies all had their own personalities. In middle school I discovered my creative writing skills, and I have remained on this path ever since. The journey to arrive at this point hasn’t been easy for me, and at times been very arduous. Now, I see excellent things in my future, and I hope you and I can take the next stage of this wonderful journey together.

You’re probably wondering what’s the next stage, I’ll tell you, my friend. In 2017 I will release my debut saga here on my site. I am excited!

In the meantime, I will be discussing many topics on writing and my life in my blog.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to follow my blog.