Oct 7, 2021

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Today, I am dealing with a flare-up from the RA. And it’s taking a lot out of me. My hands, my elbows, my knees, and my ankles are all hurting constantly. I took my regular medication this morning I’m feeling a little bit better but not that much. I’m surprised I have some energy but I’m thinking it is from the prednisone that I took yesterday before I went to hand therapy.

If I didn’t take the prednisone yesterday I don’t think I’d be out of bed today. I would just be doing the bare necessities and not trying to get my laundry done. My rheumatologist doesn’t like me to take them all the time only when it’s absolutely necessary. Because of the side effects from it. And I agree with her on that.

Right now it just hurts to move even with the slightest movement my joints are aching and throbbing. Over the years, I’ve trained myself to move despite the pain but there comes a time after a while I need something to take away the pain. The reason why am in so much pain it’s because I didn’t get my biological medicine because I’ve been so sick. So I’m trying to move up my appointment for this month to get my medicine.

#RAStrong #RAWarrior

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