May 25 2017

I have been working on my latest WIP (Work-In-Progress) since I want a complete draft written before I return to finish the second installment of Deadman’s Planet. 

A couple of weeks on fleshing out the idea, developing the characters, and figuring out the overall plot to perceive how the story is evolving. Then I started the outline process by filling in the gaps and how the characters will perform their roles in the story’s structure. 

Last night, I was reminded why I loved to write. A feeling of joy raced through me, making my skin tingle with anticipation while I was writing; that’s when I discovered an unexpected turn happened in my current story’s plot, which had me bouncing in my chair.

Lo-and-behold, my minor character presented me with a little gift, well a huge gift. I needed him to fill in a gap, and he revealed what he had been concealing from me, providing a lot more than I was expecting! I’m very excited and curious to observe how my story will progress and develop in future drafts. 

The thrilling adventure of writing to uncover the story that is waiting to emerge, and the precious moments, I long for in my writing; to unearth this writing gold by gathering powerful words to create an excellent story for my future readers. 

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