May 25 2017

Alexandra Mars

I have been working on my latest WIP (Work-In-Progress) since I want a complete draft written before I return to finish the second installment of Deadman’s Planet.

A couple of weeks on fleshing out the idea, developing the characters, and figuring out the overall plot to perceive how the story is evolving. Then I started the outline process by filling in the gaps and how the characters will perform their roles in the story’s structure.

Last night, I was reminded why I loved to write. A feeling of joy raced through me, making my skin tingle with anticipation while I was writing; that’s when I discovered an unexpected turn happened in my current story’s plot, which had me bouncing in my chair.

Lo-and-behold, my minor character presented me with a little gift, well a huge gift. I needed him to fill in a gap, and he revealed what he had…

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