My reading list for August and September

I am looking forward to reading about Kate and Eric.

I am currently reading Dune. It is a very long novel, with over 800 pages very intriguing 🧐!

I am currently reading this Star Wars novel too, and it is a very long novel as well. I am enjoying it, as well.

What are you reading? Let me know in the comments.

My book review on Specter of the Past

What book did you read?

The book I will review today is a Star Wars novel called, the Hand of Thrawn, book one is called Specter of the Past, and there are two books in the series.

What is the story about?

This novel takes place ten years after the first trilogy of Thrawn: The Last Command. The Empire is in shambles and holding on to star systems, as their resources are dwindling, continuing to fight against the Rebellion.

When an imposter arrives, pretending to be Thrawn makes his return to influential officials in the Empire. A mysterious fleet of ships appears to the Empire and the Rebellion, searching for Thrawn.

Leia and her children are vacationing on Wayland, and she discovers a data card with vital information that reads the Hand of Thrawn.

The New Republic also has its struggles and issues within the government and the Caamas incident that is causing protests and uprisings throughout New Republic’s star systems; and the government is at a breaking point.

What is your rating on the novel?

I give this novel five stars, and I found the story thrilling and exciting. It didn’t disappoint, and it felt like I was watching another Star Wars movie in my mind. I enjoy seeing the characters older in their new roles as leaders within the government. To see Luke, Leia, and Hans growing and being pushed out of their comfort zones and facing new threats.

Did you enjoy the story, and why?

Yes, it was a great read. I have always enjoyed reading about these characters; and discovering an author that can flush out these characters adding to their development by giving them new challenges is always a fantastic read. One reason I enjoyed this novel by this author is that he shows the New Republic’s government experiencing the growing pains of rebuilding its civilization because of the Empire.

Here is why:

The New Republic’s leaders were always on the offensive against the Empire during the rebellion; and now, they are to handle trials and tribulations, forcing Luke, Leia, and Han into new roles within the government.

Another thing that I liked the story focuses on Leia and Han’s marriage and their children. One of the opening scenes with Leia at the beginning of the novel is Leia’s on vacation with her children. Halfway through the novel, a scene with Leia and Han being an ordinary couple was a nice touch. It gave the story some realism how a couple matures as they get older after having a family of their own.

Also, the author focused on Luke and his struggles to use the force. Luke is seeking to find the balance between his roles of being a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Master. I found the character development intriguing to see Luke coming to this point in his life, trying to understand his role in the universe; it is a far cry from seeing Luke as a farm boy in the first Star Wars movie. It was a fascinating concept and excellent development on the character of Luke Skywalker.

Anything about the novel you don’t care for?

No, for the plot moves along at a nice pace, and the characters shoved out of their comfort zones; and additional aspects revealed about the characters that I saw these characters in a new light.

My thoughts on Superman & Lois

Tuesday night the CW Network premiered Superman & Lois, and I watched it. I will not discuss the pilot episode’s spoilers. In my next blog post, I will examine the plotline in more detail. Here’s my review.

The pilot episode was entertaining, captivating; and the characters are extraordinary, compelling that I already feel a connection to them. The pilot episode impressed me by how much they accomplish in an hour and a half without the episode feeling rush. The episode’s plotline sets up the season’s storyline for this excellent show.

The writers portrayed Clark and Lois as working parents dealing with real-life issues. The audience witnessed Clark’s vulnerability with his family and his struggles and responsibilities of being Superman, and his duty as a father and a husband.

It was refreshing because the CW network’s superhero shows frequently targeted the younger audience. A fresh of breath air for the show’s focus on working-adults, who are raising families, earning a paycheck to pay their bills, and showing day-to-day struggles and responsibilities.

 I admired the show’s concept of Clark and Lois’s marriage is authentic on the screen and not a fantasy marriage always with a happy ending. The couple is making their marriage work daily despite the problems that arise or dealing with their sons’ needs. That is rare nowadays in TV, movies, or books. 

Lois and Clark’s twin sons’ names are Jonathan and Jordan, who are complete opposites from one another. Jonathan goes by John, is a popular jock, a freshman, and makes a name for himself on his high school football team. Jordan is a loner, a gamer, and an outcast; he is figuring out his identity, feels trapped and isolated in his brother’s shadow at home and school.

Since the two brothers are unique in their personalities and struggles, causing problems between them and creating more drama within the family.

It is another reason why the pilot episode was so superb. With different layers in these characters, waiting to be unearthed in future episodes.

You can watch Superman & Lois, by downloading the CW app for free on any device or on Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST.