Dark Side of Facebook

Facebook is a great way for staying in touch with friends and family, especially if they live out of town. It’s an excellent place to virtually meet other like-minded people too.

Unfortunately, Facebook has a dark side. You’ve probably seen a simple misunderstanding turn into a full-blown drama. Sometimes friends or family stop responding to your posts, even worse, they unfriend you. They use the dreaded blocking feature, leaving you with unanswered questions when others asked you what happened.


Words are very powerful. They transmits meaning, emotions, and our thoughts to others.

This is why grammar and punctuation are so crucial, with a well-develop vocabulary is essential, to explain the concept.

Based on my experience of using Facebook, it was designed to hold a conversation like two people chatting in a coffee shop. This is why emojis were invented to display emotions and let the reader know the emotional context of the post.

But when using Facebook we rely on slang. A lack of grammar and punctuation creeps into our posts and results incorrectly explaining your concept. Then people get upset although most friends will understand once emotions have settled down.

When a Facebook drama happens, even on a post that is conveying the right idea, it may be interpreted differently by the reader because there is no emotional context given.

There is another reason why drama happens on Facebook and very likely from a person you do not talk to or see in your everyday life. This person doesn’t have an understanding of your emotional compass.

Drama is about people. This is especially so with the individual who likes to cause trouble. We are social creatures searching for ways to connect, and troublemakers will use that against us.

There are three reasons for drama:

Reason one: People can be jerks, and if you call them on it drama will explode! They just don’t care.

Reason two: There are people lurking on Facebook waiting to vent their issues, emotional baggage and when they are stressed, they let their victims have it.

Reason three: People are so involved with their own issues and daily living. They forget about the individuals who are struggling on the other side of the screen.

In closing:

Thisworld is filled with unhappy people clinging to hurt instead of releasing it. We can keep the door open and move on with our lives.

One thought on “Dark Side of Facebook”

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, as I’m sure a lot of people do. Right now, there is just so much negativity on it. I leave it be every once in awhile, head over to Twitter where things are a little funnier and not so depressing.

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