Is it necessary to write every day?

We’ve seen do and don’t lists on Facebook and other social media for writers. You’ve probably seen the huge debate on writing every single day and I want to share my opinion on the topic. 

This past January, I was writing my draft and wrote every day since I had a deadline. A few days, I could barely reach the 500-word count. By the end of January, my mind refused to write. I couldn’t believe it. I chatted with my writer’s friend, explained my predicament, and the advice I received was to, just relax. I did. That week I finished my goal by completing my rough draft.

I learned the human mind can endure a heavy workload. Then the mind requires relaxation to replenish the creative juices after a writing session.

The human mind is like the body for it needs to rest from writing and developing a story. Writing engages the thought process on so many levels, resulting in a rigorous workout.

My philosophy is to write on a daily basis when I’m working on a rough draft of my story. My advice to you since we need to protect our creative juices is to keep writing. Without the creative juices flowing in our minds, we will have no stories to write.

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