Jan 24, 2019

Today, on First Reads, I found two novels I have put on my February Reading list. I read the blurbs and reviews, so I took a chance.

The first book is called Blood for Blood by Victoria Selman. According to the blurb: the story is about a woman profiler targeted by a serial killer. It looks like an interesting read of a good chase. The Amazon’s reviews have a high rating, but the Goodreads’ reviews are lower. I hope the story won’t be a huge disappointment.

The second book is called The Killer Collective by Barry Eisler. According to the blurb: the story is about a detective who is a target for a hit but it goes wrong. She must figure out who and why. The reviews on Amazon and Goodreads have high ratings. It looks like a fast-paced and a fascinating read.

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