Book Review March 17

What comes next after a great cover?

A powerful blurb to bait the reader to download the sample chapter or to hit the buy button. 

Some indie authors struggle, how to write the powerful blurb to lure the reader. With so many novels on the market it is a reader’s paradise, and a nightmare for the indie author.

So many boring blurbs on the market that explained the whole novel’s plot. Then, there are enticing blurbs that grab the readers by their throats to buy the novels.

What to do?

I’ve been struggling how to write a blurb. It’s tough. How does an author who has a powerful story, then writes an exciting blurb to entice the reader? Without giving the whole plot away? 

In my struggle to write a powerful blurb as anything I do, I research. I discovered a book on ‘Writing Book Blurbs and Synopses: How to sell your manuscript to publishers and your indie book to readers’ by Rayne Hall.

I enjoyed reading her book, and that’s something I can’t say too often about dry reading. I loved Hall’s straightforwardness about the subject matter. She shared her experiences as a writer and editor; that I found helpful and insightful too.

The first part of the book explains how to write a synopsis. She suggests to the indie author it is a good exercise to discover what your story is about. I agree. While reading her book, I pondered on my projects in development. If I understood the core of my story better that would help me to write a great blurb too.

There are a two chapters on the pitch: I learned it is a good idea to have a pitch ready when somebody asks me what’s your book about? I’ve a quick blurb to discuss in the conversation and move on to the next topic.

The last part of the book is about the blurb, Hall explains what works and what doesn’t in easy terms based on her experiences. The one thing, I learned what blurbs needs is emotions to make the reader to give up time and money to read the story. For the novels that I’m currently reading has great covers and blurbs pack with emotions. 

Hall’s book is worth the investment of time and money which is only available on Amazon and Unlimited Kindle. I would like to hear your thoughts too. So, drop me a line or two in the comments below.

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