Studio interview with Lady Dana from Deadman’s Planet: Lady Dana of the Badlands 

Today special guest in the studio is Lady Dana. You may know her from Deadman’s Planet: Lady Dana of the Badlands. Let me say, she’s one of the baddest teenagers in the Badlands, tough as nails too, and one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Please, give us a warm welcome to Lady Dana.

The audience roars and claps as Lady Dana walks as her stride announces confidence with a light blue dress that flutters around her. Her dark hair pulled back in a French braid, she waves to the audience with a huge grin that lights up her face. She sits in a plush chair; the audience continues to cheer for her.

“Wow! What a welcome,” Dana says excitedly.

“You’re a very popular young lady, Lady Dana,” the interviewer states.

“Please, call me Dana. Lady is part of my job title, for working for the council.”

“Fair enough, Dana. Let me say, I read the first episode of the Deadman’s Planet: Lady Dana of the Badlands. It was amazing. You’re a tough teenager with a sweet side you keep hidden. Why?”

“First off, thank you for your compliment. I was warned you were tough too.” Dana pauses. “I worked for my mother who runs the council. No matter what planet I live on people are people dealing with misconceptions and biases against me. I learned from the start I had to enforce the law. Boy… I sound like my dad.” She giggles.

“Our parents influence our lives in different ways. Are you close to your father?”

Dana taps her fingers on the armrest to conceal her nervousness. “Yes, I would like to think so. But, it’s hard when my dad is a freedom fighter. He’s gone a lot.”

“Isn’t he the commander of a fleet?”

“Yes. With the war against the Sun Empire keeps him away from home. I’m worried about my brother, Chad needs our father more since he is quickly becoming a teenager. He will be a hand full.”

“I thought it was interesting that you consider the Badlands your home. I mean, how anyone makes a home in such a barren and harsh desert planet in the blazing sun.”

“Well, living on Deadman’s Planet is tough and to thrive a person has to be tougher than the planet. But the politics are even more deadly.”

“Really? How so?”

“Living on a planet that has non-existing resources and a small war could easily erupt in the village or at the homesteads. My mother has stopped a number of incidents from developing.”

“I understand why you are so tough. Let’s discuss the Life Domes and the Recruiter, Seth.”

“I can’t discuss Seth. My gut tells me he’s up to no good, and on my wanted list,” Dana says with an anger tone in her voice.

“You heard it first, folks. There will be a battle between Dana and Seth. I hope we learn more in the next episode what happens with Seth.”

“More like a war. I’ll win,” Dana states.

The audience cheers.

“What was your reaction when you and your family first arrived at Deadman’s Planet?”

“I hated it! Nothing but waves of sands that invades everything. With simple things become major pleasures. My family’s dwelling unit was cramped I couldn’t turn around without hitting something or someone.”

“What changed your mind?”

“A kind woman taking me under her wing and taught me how to thrive on Deadman’s Planet. Her loved and teachings changed my views. My family moved to our homestead to work the mines. Things improved.”

“Why did your mother bring you and your siblings to the planet?”

“My mom wanted us to grow up on Deadman’s Planet instead of a ship. The best resources are the rare materials lies underneath the sand providing a decent income.” 

“Have you thought about your future?”

“Not really. Sounds strange. My mom is a political leader and my dad a high ranking commander in the fleet. I haven’t thought about it. Though, my parents top priority is education. I guess, I’ve been busy existing there hasn’t been much time to think about my future.”

“My last question, do you want to get married?”

“Maybe. If I want children, I would have to leave my home because of the alien sand. The Badlands is my home.”

“Dana, our time has ran out. You’ve been an intriguing guest, I hope you will return to the Studio.”

“Thank you. I look forward to our next visit,” Dana says.

The lights fade.

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