Feb 3, 2017

I read an awesome book on fiction writing about writing deep scenes that engage the reader to keep reading. Many things I learned about scenes that it was mind blowing. It has me thinking about my first draft.

The book I read was called, “Writing Deep Scenes: Plotting Your Story Through Action, Emotion, and Theme.

A must-have for every writer!

The book expanded my thinking about a scene’s role in the story. Before, I thought a scene’s purpose shoved the story along until the end.

There are 15 different scenes and each scene can play an important part in the story. The book explains how to use a scene in the story. With the five Energetic Markers. I love the book explained the concepts in a crisp and clear way by using examples from popular novels.

I thought was helpful that the authors took their time at the end of the book to explain the theme. With wonderful suggestions and tips how to discover themes in my revision drafts. 

This book is worth reading and the time to study the concepts.

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